Why work with recruiters and staffing agencies?

Kyle BentonManaging Director, SouthPosted June 19, 2019

Four years ago, I was in the middle of a career transition, where I was moving out of the retail management space and targeting roles that were more involved in training and interviewing. During that time, I applied for several jobs that I felt my background was a great fit for. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hear back until a couple of months later when I would receive an auto-generated email response from the company’s HR department that another candidate had been selected for the role. Fast forward four years later, where I found my home in the staffing industry and hear from numerous candidates that they are applying to roles with companies and never hearing back.

One thing that I have learned about the hiring process is that when larger companies post their open positions on their websites, they’re getting several hundred applicants for one open role (sometimes as many as 500-600 applicants).  If you’re applying with 500+ other applicants, the challenge becomes whether your profile stands out against the crowd, or even worse – if it is ever even reviewed or seen by the internal team. This is why people find themselves getting auto-generated rejection emails for roles that match their background.  

So why work with a recruiter or staffing agency, as opposed to applying directly to these company websites? 

Most companies work with a select number of staffing agencies and limit the number of candidates these staffing companies can submit for an open position. This means you will have better odds of having your resume reviewed by their hiring manager. You may be one of 10-20 candidates submitted, as opposed to several hundred. 

I often hear that people don’t want to work with a staffing agency or go into a company contract-to-hire because they “need something full-time”.  This is when I must ask what they mean by “full-time”? The responses usually include stability, benefits, PTO/Paid Holidays, etc.  It’s important to remember, especially in an at-will employment state, that being “full-time” doesn’t necessarily mean more stability.  Companies go through lay-offs and the reality is that both contractors and FTE employees can be affected by that.  While not as common, there are staffing companies (cough, cough -- Agility Partners) that offer “full time” benefits like PTO/Paid Holidays, 401k plans, and health insurance to make the contract-to-hire process as seamless as possible. 

Outside of increasing your odds of landing an interview, here are four additional benefits of working with a staffing agency: 

  • Vast Network – you often hear that an important aspect of finding your next job is networking. Staffing companies have relationships and connections at all levels of an organization. 

  • Interview Prep – again, with the connections within a company, a staffing agency can inform you on team size, org chats, culture, company perks, and potentially connecting you with some internal employees before your interview.  They also know what kinds of questions the hiring teams are going to ask you in the interview and what the hiring process will look like. 

  • Resume Reformatting – recruiters see approximately 2.3 million resumes per day*.  They have the ability to help tailor your resume and make it stand out from the rest with a hiring manager. *Resume numbers made up and exaggerated for dramatic effect. 

  • Salary Negotiations – another perk of going into a company by the contract-to-hire route is you may be able to negotiate for a higher FTE salary at the end of the contracting period.  At this point, you’ve had 3-6 months to better understand the expectations of the role and the company has had the same amount of time to better gauge your work ethic. Recruiters and Staffing Agencies also have a pulse on the market and how a similar role may compensate with other companies in town.  

Agility Partners is currently supporting start-ups and Fortune 500 companies across Ohio and Charlotte, NC, and specializes in direct-hire and contract-to-hire openings (remote and hybrid options, too).  To schedule a time to connect for a call, email me at kyle.benton@agilitypartners.io.

Kyle Benton Kyle is our Managing Director, South at Agility Partners. He oversees the growth of our sales and recruiting teams, working to be the most effective and productive partners within the employment solutions space.