Technology and safeguarding the essence of relationships

Katherine OrtizTalent ExecutivePosted April 18, 2022
"Relationships are not transactional – they're transformational." - Chris Dodd

Technology has played an essential role in human interaction for many years. It has brought people together from all walks of life, professionally, through social media and even empowered long-distance relationships. But what happens when the same things that bring us closer together also separate us? 

It's no surprise that face-to-face interactions have dwindled over the years. The quality and health of relationships have also been negatively impacted. Studies conducted at Utah State University show that "higher levels of technology use add to significantly less time socializing, less satisfaction and connection with others, and higher levels of depression and anxiety." The study aimed to gain more insight into how technology impacts life at home, specifically in the bed and at the table. Yet this applies to life outside of the home as well. A whopping 88% of those surveyed agree that technoference is a significant issue in our society, and over half agree that we spend too much time on mobile devices. Technology isn't all evil and has created a means of communication that, without it otherwise, wouldn't be possible, but it also comes at a cost.

Human connection is an exchange between individuals who listen and share experiences. It's vital to build these connections because they build trust and create a feeling of belonging. Even though minuscule ways of interacting can have a lasting impact, that doesn't always translate into depth. Have you recently noticed how Instagram has added a "heart" button for "Story Likes?" Now, even digital interactions have become less and less personal.

So, the question then is, how do we safeguard the essence of human connections in an era where technology is evolving and inevitable?  

 At Agility Partners, we add a personal touch to keep the beauty of relationships alive. We ensure to communicate openly and maintain transparency throughout every interaction. By doing this, we create time to be intentional about how we interact with others. Through decades of IT employment experience, we've combined our robust network with industry-leading best practices and an innovative recruiting model to curate a seamless hiring process. We love meeting with our customers in person or virtually to deepen that relationship. Finding a Way to Win and fostering relationships are at the core of who we are.  

We are all social creatures and crave deeper connections. The truth is that the rise in technology has created a threat. I've learned that people confuse communication with connection. Sean Stephenson said it best when he stated, "Connection is not an exchange of information. Connection is an exchange of humanity. It's an exchange of emotion"... the moment we feel someone cares about us is when that true connection sparks. 

So, let's start a connection and see how a relationship with Agility Partners can help you!

Katherine Ortiz Katherine is a Talent Executive in our South Market. She is fully committed to understanding her clients' and consultants’ needs by providing a consultative approach to hiring within the IT industry.