How much weight can a horse carry?

Lauren McCuenPeople Operations CoordinatorPosted October 8, 2020

“How much weight can a horse carry? In my experience, a horse can carry an infinite amount. They carry physical, mental, and emotional handicaps. 

They carry hopes and dreams, and they will carry the stress from your day when you can't carry it anymore. 

They will carry you to success when all you have felt is a failure. They will carry you, never knowing the weight of your burdens and triumphs. 

If you let them, they will carry you through life, and life is hard, life is heavy. But a horse will make you feel weightless under it all.” Author Unknown 


I don’t remember a time when horses weren’t a part of my life. They have always been my passion and my escape. I have learned so much about myself from caring for horses. I am still alive because of them. 

Many years ago, I reached a breaking point where my depression and anxiety were so bad, I no longer felt my life mattered. I believed that the world and those I loved would be better off without me. I was working long hours in an environment that was not positively impacting my mental wellbeing.  In that terribly difficult time, my horses gave me purpose, a reason to carry on.  Looking back, I realize that my life has meaning, and I’ve worked hard over the years to continue to grow, set goals for myself, and surround myself with positive influences. And luckily, I found an amazing company that allows me to help others find their passion and purpose, while also giving me opportunities to find mine. 

Talking about my struggles with depression and anxiety hasn’t come easy. I hope that by opening myself up others will feel empowered to do the same. 

If we can take one thing away from 2020, it’s that this year has made many of us face uncomfortable truths about the world we’ve been living in. We’ve all been juggling work remotely, taking care of ourselves and our family, and I think I can speak for most of us when I say, it has been a struggle. So, I think it’s important that we address mental health awareness in the workplace.