Do you crumble or rise in the face of adversity?

Tony HaislarStrategic Account ExecutivePosted August 5, 2020

I think it goes without saying that most of us wish we could push up 2021 a few months and put 2020 behind us. I know I am not alone when I say that 2020 has been a doozy. What are you doing to battle through this adversity? Will you come out on top or are you going to tap out? Everyone faces adversity but how is it that some are able to flourish and others just can’t shake it? In my personal journey, I have contemplated this a great deal recently. As the hits seem to keep coming, how can I continue to grow in these tough times? After reading about and studying some of the misfortunes of many successful people, I would like to propose a few trends that I have observed. 

  1. Sometimes you just have to laugh. It has been said that “Laughter is the best medicine”. This is your body’s way of coping with stress. It releases chemicals in your body designed to make you feel better. Instead of saying, “Someday I am going to look back on this and laugh,” stop and do it right then. I do have to admit that sometimes I take this to the extreme, but I don’t know what I would do without humor in my life. 

  1. Almost 2 centuries ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli wrote “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” I am not a fatalist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do always build in contingencies for what I see as worst-case scenarios. Running through these types of exercises helps to increase your flexibility and ability to react to these disasters.  

  1. Do NOT forget about what you have already been through. It is true that what does not kill you makes you stronger. If you are alive and reading right now, this should ring true. Maya Angelou once said, “We may encounter defeats, but we must not be defeated.”  

  1. Always take time to learn from your mistakes/failures. Hone into the areas that you have control over. What could you have done differently? Do NOT beat yourself up but take a mental inventory of how things could have been done. 

  1. Move on!!! Get up, dust yourself off, and move on. Do NOT mope or try and pass blame. That is not going to change the situation. To get through a crisis, you need to find a way to move forward. See things as opportunities and not failures. This simple mind shift will do wonders. 

  1. Give yourself credit for what you have to offer. The best way to plow through adversity is to have faith in yourself. I would venture to guess that all successful people have been knocked down, but they believed in their vision and a degree of self-confidence.  

People always say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I say, put down the lemons, grab a beer and push forward. No matter how bad you think your circumstances are, I guarantee you that someone is going through worse. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with negative emotions and thoughts. Look for opportunities and stop swimming in your despair.

Tony Haislar Tony is a Strategic Account Executive at Agility Partners. He specializes in identifying candidates with niche skill sets that are not always identifiable in a simple resume.