Cold calling doesn't cut it anymore

Rob Moyer
Rob MoyerPresident + Co-FounderPosted August 4, 2021

Agility Partners' President + Co-founder, Rob Moyer, was invited to be on the nationally syndicated podcast, The Shrimp Tank which is produced here in Columbus, OH. We had a great time on the show and gave lots of tidbits and nuggets to all of the listeners on our homegrown job referral platform, Agility Connect, how to become better business owners, and the current taco scene in Columbus. 

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Where can a young entrepreneur figure out how to turn their dreams into reality? Just take a step into the Shrimp Tank. The Shrimp Tank brings you interviews with some of the most successful business owners in the United States to learn the dos and don’ts of starting and running a successful business. We don’t fund any business, but we do teach kids how to turn their business ideas into a successful businesses.

Rob Moyer
Rob Moyer Rob is the President, Co-Founder, and Visionary at Agility Partners. Rob's mantra has always been “work to live” so it’s no surprise that he wound up in the recruiting industry finding people jobs they love.